Claystone Construction

About Us

Founded in 1981, Clayton Construction Company is a licensed, unlimited general contractor providing services in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Florida.

Clayton Construction Company is proud to be one of the premier contractors in the southeast. CCC has worked diligently for more than three and a half decades to create a strong reputation built firmly on a foundation of commitment, quality, and excellence.


A Commitment to Quality

CCC incorporates the highest quality materials, paired with clearly defined strategies, procedures, and standards to meet the needs and expectations of every client. CCC works diligently throughout every project to plan, report, document, and inspect every element in order to create a final product that meets Clayton Construction Company specifications.

Through local connections, a dedication to safety, and utilizing project management, scheduling, and accounting resources, CCC provides clients with streamlined construction processes and the highest quality customer service available.

We Plan. We Build. We Finish Strong. We Follow Up. We Have Fun.

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