Claystone Construction

Clayton's Process


Clayton Construction Company, Inc. offers a streamlined process designed to ensure the success of your project. As a leader of construction services in the Southeast, CCC is able to provide pre-construction planning, project coordination, post-construction follow-up, and a range of other services based on your project.

Pre-Construction Planning

Time spent evaluating and planning a project before breaking ground is a vital step for success. The right amount of preparation can reduce overall risks to the project’s safety, budget, and schedule.

Project Coordination

Clayton Construction Company develops a strategic plan for each individual project. CCC provides a detailed list of construction processes and a progress tracking method that will ensure all project deadlines are met.

Post-Construction Follow-Up

Every construction project begins with the intent of building lasting relationships with clients. Post-construction services offer options to continue working with CCC through warranties, follow-up meetings, and more.

Design/Build Construction

Every project deserves an individual, streamlined construction process. Clayton Construction Company offers design/build services for clients seeking single-source responsibility for their project. Clients contract directly with CCC for all design and construction services.

Contact Us Today

Clayton Construction Company takes on each new project with the highest level of experience and skill. Get the most out of your next project with the best construction services in upstate South Carolina. Contact CCC today to get started.

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