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          Claystone Construction

          Clayton Construction Company, Inc.

          Clayton Construction Company, Inc. has worked diligently for more than three decades to create a solid reputation built on excellence. Our portfolio includes everything from industrial work spaces and office buildings to healthcare facilities, schools, restaurants, and retail shops. CCC is proud to be the leading general contractor in the southeast. Clayton Construction Company is dedicated to completing quality projects while building strong relationships with clients. 

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          Clayton’s Process

          Pre-Construction Planning

          Pre-Construction Planning

          Strategic insight and planning are an essential part of the pre-construction process. This formal, preliminary planning defines the scope, associated costs, and timeline for the project.

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          Project Coordination

          Project Coordination

          Cutting-edge project management software along with streamlined scheduling efficiently and accurately guides workers, vendors, and clients through each step of the project as it is happening.

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          Post-Construction <br />Follow Up

          Follow Up

          Through commitment to a standard of excellence, CCC guarantees the stability and longevity of every project. At CCC, customer service begins with the initial interaction and extends far beyond project completion.

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          Design / Build

          Design / Build

          For clients seeking a comprehensive, streamlined construction process, CCC offers design/build services and assumes all responsibilities for the design and construction of a project from concept to completion.

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          How can we help?

          At Clayton Construction Company, we put our more than thirty years of experience and expertise to work for our clients. CCC is one of the premier construction companies in the southeast, and has been recognized for providing the highest quality construction services. Whether you have a construction project that we can help with or you want to become a member of our team, contact us today. 

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          As one of the leading general contractors in the southeast, Clayton Construction Company projects have received numerous awards and accolades. CCC is proud to be among the 25 Fastest Growing Companies in South Carolina and the Best Places to Work in South Carolina. 

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