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Our Technology

About Clayton

Clayton Construction Company utilizes a variety of technology resources to streamline construction processes and provide clients with the highest quality customer service available. CCC uses key scheduling, accounting, and project management software to support and manage all projects to make sure they run smoothly from start to finish.

CCC Resources

Scheduling Software

For every project, the first step is planning. To ensure each project is completed efficiently and on time, CCC uses Primavera Sure Track construction scheduling software. This software creates Critical Path Construction Schedules. A preliminary schedule is developed based on completed designs, plans, and specifications before construction begins. A final target schedule that includes milestone, delivery, inspection, and completion dates is created after ground is broken at the job site. During weekly progress meetings, the target schedule is evaluated and updated based on conflicts and potential pitfalls in order to create a comprehensive project flow.

About Clayton

Project Management Software

Timberline Project Management Software facilitates communication and allows CCC to effectively manage and organize every project to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. This software offers project managers live, up-to-the-minute details to aid in effective decision making and allows CCC to view and keep track of RFIs, submittals, purchase orders, and subcontractors all in one central location. Timberline software coordinates directly with scheduling and accounting software. Each time a payment is applied to the project, the software generates an executive report that includes progress photos, schedule updates, action list items, a financial summary, as well as additional items tailored to the needs of each individual project.

Accounting Software

Clayton Construction Company utilizes accounting software that syncs with scheduling and project management software to create up-to-date information on expenses incurred throughout the duration of the project.

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