Claystone Construction

Post-Construction Follow Up

About Clayton

Clayton Construction Company enters into every project with the intent of building a long-lasting relationship with clients. Through commitment to a standard of excellence, CCC guarantees the stability and longevity of every project. This is why over 60 percent of Clayton Construction Company projects are from repeat business partnerships with clients who have chosen to entrust CCC with the development of their institutions, stores, communities.

At Clayton Construction Company, customer service begins with the initial interaction and extends far beyond project completion. After a project is finished, CCC conducts a thorough follow-up examination to ensure that the final product meets client expectations as well as CCC standards. During this examination, CCC evaluates the integrity of the structure to ensure that no modifications or adjustments are necessary as a result of the building settling.

On-site follow-up meetings are conducted to evaluate future planning, life-cycle analysis, project warranties, and are the ideal time for clients to give feedback, express concerns, and ask questions.

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