Claystone Construction

What People Are Saying

Clayton Construction Company is proud to be one of the premier general contractors in the southeast. CCC has been recognized for providing quality construction services since their founding in 1981. See what people are saying about Clayton Construction Company.

  • Approximately a year and a half ago, along with the leadership team of His Vineyard, we began to actively pursue the right people with 'the right stuff' to build a worship center...for all of the right reasons. To make a long story short, we selected Clayton Construction Company to do the work. No doubt by the grace of God, we made the right decision. If asked by anyone 'would you use CCC again in the future?' my answer would be very quickly and most resoundingly an explicitly undoubtable YES--in every sense of the word! Reason being, this experience has been one of the most positive experiences in almost thirty years of ministry.

    Keith Kelly

    Pastor | His Vineyard Church

  • Clayton Construction has done a GREAT JOB modifying the building we bought to be used as a church. Every contact with them from initial, consulting, and daily has been great.  They have exceeded my expectations and made the experience very pleasant. All of their choice contractors have done a great job and have been easy to work with. They have given us great advice and were willing to show us ways to save money.  When they finished putting up sheetrock there were two pieces left and we ended up using them on the media booth. If you are planning a building program and you are not talking to are making a costly mistake.

    Terry Harris

    Southport Church

  • Clayton Construction Co. recently completed an addition and renovation to our athletic dept. The project presented several difficult situations that required them to go the extra mile to make it work, they stepped up to the plate and hit home run after home run for us. Their knowledge, willingness to work with a tight site and a very difficult schedule was very refreshing in today's work place, they finished the project on time and in budget with minimum change orders, most in the areas that were renovated, or changes we made. I can recommend them with out hesitation.

    Charles M. Gainey

    Director of Maintenance and Operations | Spartanburg County School District 7

  • Our company has three Sonic Drive-Ins in the Spartanburg Area. We contracted Clayton Construction to build the last two, located in Duncan and on East Main in Spartanburg. I was pleased with the professional manner in which the projects were handled. The project manager has always been very responsive to any questions or problems that may have arisen. We continue to be pleased with the construction of our buildings.

    Johnny Burkhead

    Owner | Sonic Drive-In Franchisee

  • From the groundbreaking to the completion of our project, I found Clayton Construction to be an effective organization which delivered on its promises. Everyone associated with Clayton was responsive and accessible to our staff. I would recommend Clayton Construction to anyone looking to do a commercial construction project.

    Leonard Hicks

    Callaham Hicks Funeral Home

  • Clayton Construction recently completed a very successful remodeling project for us at our Duncan TravelCenter of America. They handled themselves in a professional manner with good communication, minimal change orders and completed within our budget. I would recommend them and will most assuredly have them bid my next project.

    Matt Myschisin

    Project Manager, East Region | TravelCenters of America

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